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My dad's friend, a journalist, wants to write an article about my mom. So he sent us a list of 12 questions. And asked for written down answers (typed down ;) ). After many attemps (we can communicate only by phone), we decided that it'd be better if my mom would talk and I'd record her on my player (it's got a microphone and endless supply of free space).
I placed a phone by my recorder/player and left room (so there wouldnt' be additional noise). And now I'm listening to my mom and type down her answers. They're not perfect, but really lovely.
Anyway, the whole point of this entry is this: only via this record I found out some stuff about my mom. For example, she liked to draw when she was a kid. And that she won 2d prise with a picture "We on the moon". Adorable.

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Today I decided to make "advertisement" photos of something. I don't know if I succeeded, but I think all those subjects of my photos turned out okay. I'd want to have these jewels if I didn't already own them.

It was damn cold outside, by the way. And all jewels are fake. Except for that necklace (but you'll see it yourself).

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Happy birthday! :)

Dear belletrix - I wish you Happy Birthday! :)

Желаю, чтобы все творческие и рабочие планы были успешными и сбывались, чтобы все, что ты делаешь, приносило удовольствие, чтобя принцы штабелями ложились тебе под ноги и чтобы этот год был у тебя солнечным, позитивным и очень-очень приятным! :)
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Happy Birthday!

I think I almost missed it, but 14 of February will be still on in France for an hour (if I'm not hugely mistaken), so:

Dear xenachan - joyeux anniversaire! :)
Je vous souhaite bonheur, d'amour et de joie! :) In case if it's all wrong, I'm wishing you happiness, love and joy! :)