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Same old, same old.

Переработанные фотографии украшений.
Может, разница будет и не так чтобы явной, но она есть.
(это для сайта. раздела "реклама". ооох).

Reworked some old photos of jewels. Difference might be not very obvious, but it's there :)

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Marina Makaron's scarfs

I didn't have any models, but I wanted to shoot those scarfs anyway (the weather was pretty - lots of snow). And since I had only 2 scarfs on my hands (and, once again, no models), I had to improvise.
Oh, by the way, these scarfs have russian folk motives. So yep, I was trying to show it as well.

Так как на улице была прекрасная зимняя погода, захотела пойти поснимать платки. В идеале их надо бы снимать с моделями. Но чего не было, того не было :) Поэтому отправилась в лес просто так. Проявляла сноровку, развивала воображение. Результаты - тут и под катом.

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A memory

I have a thousand pictures from my trip to ChengDu last year, yet this one means to me more than most of them. I took it on the first day there, at a hotel's restaurant. It was raining, the food was wonderful, the mood was light and calm. It was such a perfect moment.
So yes, just that.

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Rush hour

It was a rush hour indeed. I managed to capture this car alone. Loved all those lines.
Почему-то в голову некстати лезет строчка "и шестикрылый серафим на перепутьи мне явился".